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Pharmaceutical Products - Clean Room DSC

ZEUS presents draft range differential pressure transmitter is designed to measure differential pressure down to 0.5 inch of water column full scale. The pressure sensors combine SURSENSE™ precision high sensitivity silicon sensing capabilities with the latest in Application Specific Integrated Circuitry ASIC technology to produce one of the most precise, reliable pressure sensors in the market. The SURSENSE technology provides Dynamic Self Compensation which substantially reduces offset errors due to changes in temperature, stability to warm up, long term instability and position sensitivity. When operated with an unregulated supply. This can generate out put signal like 4-20mA, 0-20mA(4 wire), 0-10vDC(3 Wire) as per the requirement of the indicating /controlling devices.

  1. Room pressure, temperature and humidity indication and sensor.
  2. ASIC technology in sensor.(Honeywell sensor)
  3. Available in gauge and differential pressure ranges.
  4. Combined linearity and hysteresis error < ± .25%
  5. 15 to 27 Vdc Loop Powered supply.
  6. Available in wall mounted plastic housing. And ss plat
  7. Non Volatile RAM for data restoring.
  8. Bilt in hotter and alarm facility.
  9. Auto calibration facility.
  10. Fully configurable from front keys.
  11. Password protection for key in data.
  12. RS485/RS232 Modbus RTU Connectivity with pc base software.
  13. Zero span adjustable up to 10% of the range.
  14. Over all accuracy batter then 1%
  15. Material in Contact with Media Silicon diaphragm, glass filled nylon, silicone, and alumina ceramic.
  16. Compensated Temperature Range 0 °C to 50 °C [32 °F to 170 °F]
  17. Operating Temperature Range -25 °C to 85 °C [-13 °F to 185 °F]

  1. Medical Instrumentation
  2. HVAC,cleen room controls
  3. Environmental Controls
  4. Portable Monitors

It can be available with different type of housing like wall, panel, weather proof or flameproof enclosure etc.

Product Clean Room DSC
Input Room pressure--dp
Temperature -rtd pt100 *C.
Humidity----08-3.6 v
Power 24vdc.(15 to 27vdc)
Output signal 4-20 mA dc two wire
0-10 vDC three wire
Alarm output with hooterwire
Output accuracy < ±1% of span
Pc communication Modbus Rs 232 485 c communication
Display Pressure- 4 digit led
Temperature- 4diting led
Humidity- 4 digit led
Mounting Wall, rail, panel, Etc. other on demand .plate mounting
Storage temperature 0-70°C.
Ambient temp 0-50°C.

Note: Technical specifications are subject to change without prior information