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Pharmaceutical Products - Digital Synchronized Clock

ZEUS presents DSC-0X a very stable reliable synchronize clock with status indicator for Pharmaceutical Industries, Hospitals and warehouses. This is required in FDA approval under 21CFR part- 11 rule. This is an intrinsically safe housing in SS304 enclosure which can be concealed in the wall.

Available in three different models.
  1. Master and slave arrangement with status indicator.
  2. Only synchronize clock with master and slave.
  3. Synchronize clock to be opted through computers RTC.

  1. Master timing is tamper proof setting; it can be done only through password.
  2. Slave communicates with master and opted as per master.
  3. 24volt pluses input for alarm status.
  4. Input supply 24volts AC/DC or 5volts AC/DC.

  1. Pharmaceutical Units
  2. Hospitals
  3. School&college
  4. Industries

Synchronize clock is enclosed in SS. enclosure with weather proof enclosure which can be concealed. These clocks can only be programmed through password because law required it should be temper proof.

Product DSC_01 DSC_02 DSC_03
Power supply 24/12/5VAC/DC
Display 1" LED 4 Nos. (Two each for hour&min.)
Clock updating By Master Clock By Computer
Communication RS 4 85 half duplex,
Size L(235), H(185), D(65)mm L(110), H(56), D(40)mm
Display size L(100)mm, H(33)mm
Size 3 (Red, Green, Yellow) LED Indicator NA

  1. Display Unit has three alarm Windows and receives a 24V A.C or D.C I/P and whenever this I/P comes to the particular window, it will begin to glow.

  2. This unit also has a real time display in minutes&hour, when the unit powers on this clock, it displays the actual time received from Master Unit. The size of the display is 1"

  3. These units communicate with master unit through RS-485 cable. They do not have any control or relay O/P. There will be no settings available in the slave display units. One master unit can be connected with 99 units.

  1. This Unit has one real time clock as master clock, and from this clock, all settings will be transferred to slave display units.

  2. This Unit is password protected, you cannot change the time without the password, ensuring full security and safety.

  3. Clock has battery backup.

  4. This master Unit has RS-485 Port for communication with all slave display units.

Fitting & Mounting
The unit comes with a mounting plate of SS304&a Box of M.S to be fitted inside the Wall.

Note: Technical specifications are subject to change without prior information